Heath Douglass

Miembro desde 4 años
"The Voice of the Radio"

Whenever you think of "that guy on the radio" you are thinking of me. My voice is what you need when you need that commanding voice for a commercial or audio book. Not only that, but I have various accents and impressions in my arsenal to fit any character which would be suited for your project. My wide array of voices covers many famous actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger to Sylvester Stallone, and even cartoon voices like Elmo and Mickey Mouse. I can get projects done in a timely manor and be able to work with you on what needs and expectations that you have for a set project. Everything that you are looking for and need to find in a voice over talent can be found in me. Look no further and lets see what fantastic things we can accomplish together.


I am one of the lucky few that never had to train with my voice to get where I am today. I hit my stride when my voice changed at 13 and never have looked back since. Over time, the many voices I have been able to do have honestly been acquired through listening to them maybe a few times and then; just doing them. The only types of voices that I will say I struggle with would be female voices and or very peculiar ones (such as maybe a specific individual that only has a very distinct tone of voice outside of your normal "accents" if you will)


I currently work for Upwork doing freelance work as a YouTube narrator but have also had 2 years of experience working for a local radio station in my home town. I have done multiple YouTube channels with much success in each one as well as many other types of work such as commercials and dubbing.


I do not have any major special skills outside of post-production (getting breaths out of a recording, enhancing audio quality, etc)