Harriett Hunt

Miembro desde 1 año •
"Versatility and warmth that keeps your audience listening."
Harriett Hunt

Storytelling was the secret sauce to my 20+ year career of live and recorded engaging finance presentations and teaching. It was a natural fit to blend that skill with my love of communicating as I transitioned my career to all things voice. I do it all in my versatile mellow timbre accented with a touch of the American West. And the best part? I take your message, and make people want to listen.


I had been developing and teaching live finance and real estate courses for over 20 years. During the last 4 years of that career I was recording the audio scripts for these courses to be used in elearning. The last two years I've taken live online workshops and had professional coaching to develop my talents even further.


Reeds Jewelers - TV Commercial
Innovia Carpet - Internet Commercial
Cisco Software - 9 hours - eLearning
Abbott Laboratories - eLearning
Audible Producer - 13 non-fiction books
Audible Producer - 1 fiction book
MortgageCurrentcy - eLearning
Siete Media Producciones - Internet Explainer Video
University of Miami - Internet Video


Proofing, editing, and mastering are all part of the production process I'm accustomed to providing.