Harrie Dobby

Miembro desde 5 años
"Natural, upbeat Estuary sound"

I have extensive experience in various fields of voice work. I have dubbed voices for Panorama (BBC), and worked extensively in commercial voicework, voicing commercials for Magnum, Karcher, SouthEastern Rail, Costa and many more.

I have worked in the charity sector, voicing a Greenpeace film on TTIP, which opened the Paris Summit Climate talks in 2015.

I also have extensive experience as a narrator, and frequently narrate stories for popular Podcast Hawk and Cleaver. Examples of these can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lnodwWTjv0

Further voice examples and demos can be found via my Spotlight Page: https://media.spotlight.com//metadata/audioforpublication?artistRef=F139257&pub=1&artistName=%22HARRIE+DOBBY%22#

My voice in fresh and upbeat. I have a natural Estuary sound that can naturally range from RP through to working-class London.


I trained at Drama Studio London


Voicing the important TTIP campaign is something I am very proud of. I also love the work I do for Hawk and Cleaver. As a Podcast, it is growing hugely, and has now hit over a million downloads!


I have a voice studio at home, so can work from home or travel to a studio