Guy Satchwell

Guy Satchwell

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Eloquent, authoritative but enticing, RP with occasional Scots."

I'm particularly good at technical reads, engineering and medical. For 'standard corporate fair, I add a warmth to instruction to make it more engaging. I can remote record.


Providing voice content for a client for whom I provided sound recording many years ago...grew slowly via two of Edinburgh's most prominent studios under the instruction of two highly regarded Scottish voice talents at Red Facilities Edinburgh. Now with my own home recording facility.


Cooperative car insurance, national network TV has been a highlight as is another network ad for Alcon contact lenses which has been repeated three years on the trot. But, the job I'm most proud of was medical training video. The client got snowed in at Heathrow and called to cancel but I was already on my way to the studio. He said " The voice artist will never get all the pronunciation of medical terminology right without me being there to guide him" The engineer and I decided to go anyway and the client signed it off the following morning as 'flawless'.


Basic editing on Da Vinci Fairlight. Remote recording via Focusrite Scarlet.