Greg Patmore

Greg Patmore

Miembro desde 5 años •
"Character, warmth and authority. British male baritone."

Characterisation, connection with the intent of the text, a huge vocal range, transatlantic accent range, and stylistic flexibility, all underpinned by a strong, clear, identifiable British male baritone. Stage, voice and screen credits both sides of the Atlantic.


Vocal training at Arts Educational Schools MA

Member of Voiceover Network

Several years in commercial radio


Best know as Good 'Lias Hatfield in Hatfields and McCoys with Kevin Costner
Many professional stage and screen credits often working in specific accents
Frequent audio drama performances including Big Finish, Audible, Spoken World
Growing library of Audiobooks available through Audible, Amazon, iTunes


Composer, arranger, producer

Sound design

Professional Actor