graham scott

Miembro desde 7 años
"Versatile; Engaging; Appealing. Making Sense of Anything!"

Specializing in the fields of commercial voiceover and all kinds of narration, clients have hired my voice to communicate all kinds of messaging, in styles and voices from 'everyman' to sophisticated, hard and soft sell, humorous and tear-jerking, and downright bizarre. My repeat clients cite fast turnaround times, my easy-to-get-along-with professional nature, and ability to take direction as reasons why they keep coming back to me for their voiceover projects.


My mic technique and delivery are a decade in the making, going back to my days in radio production and broadcasting. I started out behind the mic as a DJ, and worked my way into the production suite where I would write, produce, direct, and voice commercial scripts. As a musician and recording artist, I have a multi-faceted appreciation for the recording studio, and have collected a great toolbox of studio tricks over the years! I also hold a degree in jazz piano, and am uniquely suited to consult on projects involving original music (composition, arranging/orchestration, recording), jingles, etc.


Custom auditions are provided free of charge.

Unless otherwise specified, rates include studio fees, voiceover services, prooflistening, and uploading of the dry read audio files. Rates are per spot/script and per usage. Lump, bulk buyout and retainer rates are available.

Editing, effects, licenced and license-free music, multiple file delivery, and custom audio formats are available for an additional Production Fee.

Recalls ('retakes') are provided free of charge if they are not necessitated by changes in the script after the initial audio was recorded. The recording of a script that was revised after the original text was approved and recorded will be regarded and billed as a new project.