George Weightman

George Weightman

Miembro desde 5 años •
"Engaging, charming & instantly likeable. RP with accent skills."

If you are looking for a friendly, articulate & informative British voice that instantly grabs your audience, look no further. Through my years of experience as actor I've trained my voice to draw out every emotion & nuance in a script and adjust my delivery for each client's specific needs.

My natural voice is neutral English, which could also be termed as modern RP or a soft London accent.

I also specialise in performing numerous accents to a native standard. I frequently work in General American & New York accents as well as Scottish & Irish dialects. I have also played roles with accents that range from South African to Yorkshire & am an excellent mimic and character voice actor.

My regular acting showreel, displaying some of these accents, can be viewed here:

A list of my accents that I perform to native standard can be found below:

American-Standard, Australian, English-Standard, French, Glasgow, Irish-Northern, Irish-Southern, London, RP*, Russian, Scottish-Standard, South African, Welsh-Standard, Yorkshire


I did my voice training at the University of Kent, Canterbury, studying Drama & Theatre Studies for 4 years.

I have trained on the job, working as an actor for 9 years & completed a number of courses with Gravy For The Brain.

I now teach Voice Over to screen actors at Ealing Studios, as part of the Met Film School.


I have recently completed a number of audio books for Audible including the sci-fi 'The Light Years' and the detective thriller 'Knock Knock'.

I have performed for numerous AAA games for PS4, XBOX & PC. Those I am able to talk about include Tom Clancy's Division 2, Man of Medan: The Dark Pictures Anthology (as well as other installments in the series) & Hitman 2. I also play the legendary character of Obelix in 'Asterix & Obelix: The Crystal Menhir' and play the guiding tutorial voice over in the sci-fi strategy game Fractured Space. See more examples of my gaming work here:

Commercially I recently did a voice over infomercial for CNN on an international plastic recycling campaign.

Check out my spotlight CV for full credits list:


A magnificent and unparalleled Gollum impression.