Genevieve Steele

Genevieve Steele

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Natural British RP, Classic or relaxed youthful and fresh"

With a classic and natural RP I can offer you the quintessential British voiceover. With my skills best used for commercial or corporate work I can add a conversational and intimate atmosphere to your product with a sincere and believable tone. I can relax my voice to suit a more modern, youthful and urban vibe, or indeed heighten it to become a classic documentary voice with more maturity. I am versatile and have experience in comedic voiceovers with a sense of fun, to a soft and sultry advertisement for chocolates or hotels. My voice is warm, authoritative, direct and smooth. I have a real creative flair with the ability to bring any script to life. With huge versatility and adaptability I will create a voiceover to suit your needs.


I was trained by radio director Marina Caldarone and VO producer and director Notable Voices. Previous to my that I graduated with a BA Hons in Acting from East 15 Acting school in London.


Recent achievements include an in house E-learning project for Marriott hotel for their new system, 1450 words for a staff video. Clients I worked with for this project were Marriott hotel and Lobster Ink. I have also recently recorded a humanitarian video for Dutch NGO's in Iraq in which I narrated a VO for their new video specifying the aid they have supplied to the Iraqi people. Previous to that I have worked with Notable Voices recording various demos including commercials, corporate, documentary and narrative form.
Previous to becoming a voiceover artist I have spent years in the business as a professional actress and producer which has supplied me with the ability bring any script to life and add flair to any project that is set in front of me. I can bring truth and spontaneity to all of my recordings with a natural and conversational air.


I can provide you with a broadcast quality fully edited and finished voiceover.