Gareth Bennett-Ryan

Miembro desde 3 años
"Upbeat, quick & easy, naturally accessible, soft Northern."

I am a trained actor so storytelling comes naturally to me. I have recorded scores of audiobooks, including Elmet which was on the shortlist for the Man Booker prize 2017. I also won an Audiofile Earphones award for that one.

I'm often asked to thicken up my accent, but naturally I have a soft Northern sound that some have described as Northern RP.

I'm able to bring a lot of energy and excitement to my reads which has brought a lot of work my way related to the younger generation, but equally, I can hold back and deliver more mature and professional reads.

Character work is where I have the most fun though, so animation and video games are a big ambition for me.


I trained professionally in acting at The Birmingham School of Acting (now the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire), gaining a 1st in 2007. The school was well known for its voice department at the time, and we studied all areas of the VO industry, as well as how to use our voices for more intensive purposes - this has served me well during long ADR sessions on war films!

I have also taken all of the online courses with Gravy for the Brain, learning how to perfect my setup and get the best out of my recording space.


Audiobooks - Audiofile Earphones Award Winner. Books recorded for Hachette, Hodder, Audible, Whole Story Audiobooks, and more. Recorded at White House Sound, The Audiobook Producers, WF Howes, Chatterbox, ISIS Audio.
I particularly enjoyed recording Baron von Greenback for Butlins countrywide live show, in association with the BBC.
Numerous online videos, explainers, web adverts, corporates, and radio jingles.
ADR on more films and TV shows than I can remember including Grimsby, 1917, Cold Feet (3 series), The Witcher, Home Fires, Me Before You, The King, etc.