Erika Baum

Erika Baum

Miembro desde 1 década
"Young Warm Bright Friendly Natural Lively Vibrant"

Warm and deep for narrations. Natural, young, juvenile, vibrant, lively, crazy, excited, sexy, calm and collected or relaxing for commercials. Smooth and professional for presentations and documentaries. Very versatile. Depends on demand.
Perfectly fluent in American English and Latin American Spanish (native level). Great for recording in both languages. I also do translations and video subtitling.


LIFE! Over 20 years of experience as a Producer, Singer, Actress and VO artist. I have written, translated, directed and recorded scripts, copies, and VO's for mayor international companies.

Coral Antón, Madrid - Spanish Accent for V.O.’s in Madrid
January 2011 - Today

Aulas de Voz, Madrid - Musical Theater
October 2011 - Today

Estudio Sampere, Madrid - Script Translation y Subtitling
October - December 2011

Aulas de Voz, Madrid - Intro to V.O. Artists
September 2011

Universidad Latina, Republic of Panama — Advertisement and Marketing, with a Minor in Digital Production 2005-2008
GPA: 3.9 (of a total of 4.0)

Universidad Latina, Republic of Panama — 5th Advertisement and Marketing International Symposium 2002, Designing Persuasive Campaigns

Universidad Nacional, Republic of Panama — Capacitating Course for VO Artist's & Announcers 2002
Social Communications Faculty & Regulating Entity of Public Services
Announcer License: LL-2512-2002

Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, Georgia - Video/Film, 2000
GPA: 4.0


I currently record Voice Overs in Neutral Native American English and Neutral Native Latin Spanish for TV & Radio Commercials, Infomercials, Documentaries, Training Videos, Institutional Videos and International Reports for clients such as:

Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, JWT, Cerebro Y&R, Movistar - Telefónica Panamá, HSBC, VISA, Mastercard, Heineken, Coca-Cola, Dunkin Donuts & Baskin 31 Robins, Wrigley’s Winter Fresh, Clinique, Crown Casino Sheraton Panama, Playa Blanca Beach Resort, Embassy Club Panama, Aeroperlas Regional, Panamarina Pacífic, English Learning Center, High Sierra, Furniture City, Mattel, Johnson & Johnson, AES, UNICEF, ACP (Panama Canal Authority), Department of the First Lady of the Republic of Panama International reports, Health Ministry of Panama report for the OAS, John Hopkins/Hospital Punta Pacifica Panama, Gerber USA Hispanic, “Got Milk” USA Hispanic, COPA AIRLINES, Colgate-Palmolive LATAM, Unilever LATAM (Sedal, Dove), Nintendo LATAM, MAYBELLINE LATAM, L'OREAL LATAM, GLADE LATAM, NESTLE LATAM (NDG, Nido, Maggi), among others.

I have also recorded Jingles as Lead Singer and Backing Vocals for clients such as McDonald’s, Movistar, Johnson & Johnson, Dunkin Donuts & Baskin 31 Robins, Extreme Planet, Cable Onda, Hotel Barceló, Conway Store, La Onda, Fiesta Casino, Majestic Casino, Cervecería Nacional, Siboney “1 2 3”, Air Panama, TV ID’s for RPC channel 4 of MEDCOM Corp., Verano Telemetro channel 13 of MEDCOM Corp., and the TV Program ID for “Creando Ambientes” on TVN channel 2, among others.


In the past 20 years, I have worked in many areas within TV & Commercial Production. I have produced a TV series ("El Abuelo de mi Abuela" in Panamá), two TV shows ("Panorama de las Américas" for Copa Airlines and "Tú Canal al Día" for the Panama Canal Authority), infomercials, and was also Executive Producer of an Animatic Center for Colgate Palmolive Global. I have recorded Voice Overs and supervised projects for important clients in Panama and abroad in both Spanish and English languages simultaneously. I have written articles about live festivals in the EU for a pop culture oriented magazine named Blank. I have also hosted three TV shows ("Tú Canal al Día" for the Panama Canal Authority, "Lobby TV" in Panamá, and "Proyecto 48-Panamá" for TNT Latin America), infomercials, live ceremonies and a radio show. I also do copywriting and translations.

Since 1993, I have been performing as a dancer, actress and singer in many live shows, two children’s TV shows, Musical Theater, a Reggae Rock band, and production shows for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.