Erica Wiederlight

Erica Wiederlight

Miembro desde 4 años •
"conversational, funny, witty, warm, charming, relaxing"

►Warm, Conversational, and Friendly.
►Genuine and Honest , Soothing
►Sassy, Strong Attitude, and No Nonsense
►Wry, Sarcastic, and Humorous.
►Sexy, Smooth, Sultry, and Attractive
►Fun, Youthful, Playful, and Upbeat (Generation X,Y,Z)
► Trendy, and Hip
►Calming, Motivational, Relaxed, and Reassuring
►Confident, Strong, and Knowledgeable.
►Thoughtful, Caring, and Concerned
►Sophisticated, and Professional.
►Slightly Raspy, and Edgy


Ed Lewis, Anna Garduno, Rodger Becker, David Cady, Peter Pamela Rose


I have worked for many different projects ranging from documentaries to podcasts!


Special skills would include singing!