emiko susilo

Miembro desde 2 años •
"Compassionate, Engaging, Elegant and Funny"
emiko susilo

Reassuring, elegant, intelligent, compassionate, sultry and a touch of sass and wry when needed!
I have extensive experience in commercial, narration, character, eLearning, and industrial voiceover and tons of experience in live performance as well. And I have SOURCE CONNECT so you can direct and record me from wherever you are. I can also do the recording and self-direct on my end and send you clean uncompressed files. Whatever is easiest for you.


Trained at Voicetrax Voice Academy where I have had extensive training in acting (of course), script analysis, narration, commercial, animation, eLearning, audiobooks. I also feel fortunate to have received excellent training in engineering and the importance of professionalism and good business skills. As in, answering your emails, getting you excellent files on time, and not being a pain to work with :-)


A selected list of my clients includes: UCLA, Calm.com, Johns Hopkins, Enterprise Bank, Hitachi, Boeing.
I have many long term 'repeat' clients that I LOVE because they send me pieces and I just turn it around for them. These clients include Education Northwest (early childhood education tutorials), Bergman Nurseries, Lake Productions, and Abe's Audio (Australia).
I have recorded three audiobooks.

Also I'm very excited about a game where my voice will be featured singing, but it's under NDA until 2020, so hold on for more info!
I am always happy to take direction or equally happy if you want to just hand over the reins and say "Do something awesome!"


I LOVE singing! My voice in singing can be gentle, sultry, nostalgic...or goofy and silly!

I also love the process of editing music and voiceover together! So satisfying and fun!
I speaking Indonesian, Balinese and can perform scripts and sing in Spanish (though I'll be 1000% honest and say I'm more fluent in English, Indonesian and Balinese than I am in Spanish). I can say words in Japanese with accurate pronunciation (though I cannot speak it...sigh, my Japanese American dilemma).