Dwayne Tarver

Dwayne Tarver

Miembro desde 3 años
"Down Home Trustworthy American Cowboy - Sam Elliott style"

I have a natural down to earth sound that immediately builds trust. I am great at slow and natural and high energy equally. I can do long narration, audio books, commercial, documentary, drama and comedy. The work is the most important thing and I will not stop until I have achieved something truly special.


I have been training for many years. Below I will list a few of my teachers and schools.
Tom Logan
Ron Michelson
Peter Baker
Paul Liberti
Scott Brick - seminar
The Acting Center

These are some of where I spent most of my time but there are tons of seminars and quick hit training as well


Feature Film - Nightmare Machine - in post
Short Films - Blood Promise, Godless, Belle
Training videos - Kenjutsu the Art of the Samurai
Television show - The Dojo Floor
Advertisments and customer relations and employee training - WAS productions
Commercials - Karate Family Center, Underwater Adventures, Wild West Horse Stables


I can do basic post on voice and deliver clean audio in high quality .WAV or mp3 format