Duncan White

Duncan White

Miembro desde 9 años
"The British Guy"

Duncan White is a British VoiceOver artist living in the United States. Duncan has done various VoiceOver jobs for audio books, movies, trailers and video games. He can do an assortment of character voices as well as a variety of British dialects and accents, Scottish, Irish, Welsh and European accents. Duncan's voice has been described as: Manly, Gruff, Educated, Sensual, Attractive, Exciting and Rich. Duncan also can do a wide range of ages, ranging from mid twenties onwards.


4 years of ongoing training at The Voice Actors Studio, in Henderson, Nevada.


Duncan has lent his voice to many student projects, many audiobook narrations, book trailers, a video game (still in production) e-learning/corporate videos and an independent movie production. He also has some experience on stage at an amateur level.


Cartoons, Movie Trailers, Documentaries, Audiobooks, Business, Educational, Radio, Telephone, Videogames, Jingles, Podcasting, Television, Internet