Donald Clouston

Miembro desde 5 años •
"My best work comes as a story teller."

I am blessed with a clear, distinct voice. I enjoy taking a script and working with it. Setting the scene, determining what character direction would work best, looking for changes of pace, attitude along with finding the basic message the writer is trying to establish. Part of being a story teller is the ability to not just read, but to interpret the meaning of a word or sentence and how it should be delivered or what the writers thinking is. I like to think back on experiences I've had in dealing with situations and attempting to place that into a script. Or better yet, observe the reactions of others who have been placed in the situation and watch their reactions then see if I can create a character that matches that scene. I can be the neighbor next door who can talk to you as a friend, foe or confident. I can be that professional who can calmly explain the process or instill confidence in your company. Having lived or worked with others from various regions of the U.S., I can bring a regional attitude or feeling to a script.


Most of my training was through Voicetrax of San Francisco. I lived in the Bay Area for nearly three years. During that time, I took several dozen various classes, private lessons and work shops from working professional voice over artists, directors, casting directors, gaming developers and actors. Yes it was a sizeable investment, but every session or private lesson was worth every penny. Acting, script interpretation, self-directing, colors of your voice, and basic tools of being a better actor were taught. I also participated in narration, gaming and audio tour classes. If I still lived in the Bay Area, I would still be taking classes there.

After moving to Arizona in 2015, I continued working with Lou Hunt of Word of Mouth Productions. Lou and I produced a commercial and narration demo. Later, I worked with Thom Pinto to update my commercial demo with a different performance.


At the current time, I am picking up some part-time work with KMOG radio of Payson, AZ. That includes reading news and some commercial work.

I am also performing with the Payson Community Theater "Humor Me Theater Troup". We just started with our first show in August and hope to perform monthly. It's about small town life and is in the format of an old time radio show.

Through ACX, I have produced and narrated three audio books. I did this as somewhat of a self-improvement project to help me establish characters, develop a sense of timing and creating moods with my narration.

My far past includes working as a DJ in small town radio, working as a news anchor, reporter, sports play-by-play announcer on television and radio. As life progressed and the need for a steady income increased, I worked behind the scenes in television newsrooms. I served as an assignments editor, executive producer and eventually as manager of the Chicago ABC NewsOne bureau before it was closed down in 2010 as a budget cutting measure. During my life with TV News, I lived in Topeka, Marquette, Michigan, Tulsa, Denver, St. Louis and Chicago.


My post-production skills are a work in progress. I use Adobe Audition CS6 as my editing platform for preparing auditions and narrating audio books. I do sing backup...and I mean as far from the microphone as they can get me backup with our theater group.