Dian Perry

Miembro desde 6 años •
"Rich, warm, characterful, friendly, engaging US voice in the UK"
Dian Perry

With an age range of 35-50, Dian's rich, warm, soothing tones bring a bit of class to every project. She's a highly experienced and extraordinarily versatile US voice talent and teacher based in the UK. Clients such as Saks Fifth Avenue, PwC and Nestlé have all trusted her with their precious brands, and so can you!

COMMERCIAL: Quirky, fun and characterful, seductive, straight as an arrow and most everything in between. Dian's voice engages, cajoles, seduces, sells, convinces, invites and delights. Clients include Estée Lauder, Honda, KFC, Kraft, Roche and Unilever.

CORPORATE NARRATION: A voice that's rich, relatable and authoritative and a voice talent who knows what to do with it. Whether you need a spine-tingling call-to-action for a product launch or an approachable, friendly read for an instructional video or e-learning project, Dian's got you covered. Clients include Animade, Cisco, Hilton, Marriott, Olay, PwC, Saks Fifth Avenue, Zinc Ahead and Atlas.

ANIMATION/VIDEO GAMES: Dian's just full of people! She has an impressive roster of fully cooked characters and quite a few animals and sound effects tucked away in her bag of tricks. With 18 years as a voice talent and nearly a decade as a character voice teacher and coach, she really knows her stuff. Clients include Aardman, BKN Kids, CBBC, Flying Bark Productions, Millimages, Pesky and Telegael.


Charles Nove (BBC Radio 2, A1 Vox Studios, BBC Oxford) - coach and mentor
Pat Fraley - mini workshop, Radio Summit, Los Angeles
Pat Fraley, Ginny McSwain - character voice workshop, Los Angeles
Marice Tobias - voiceover workshop, London
Dave Fennoy - gaming workshop, London


There is hardly an area of voiceover in which Dian has not worked. She has done animation, video games, commercial, IVR, narration, audio books, promo and even sat nav.

An extraordinarily versatile and experienced performer, clients hire Dian because they know they can get just the read they're after in a short space of time.

Always a performer, Dian's 18 years in the voiceover industry is supported by years of work in theater, musicals, improv, sketch comedy and singing. There are many strings to her bow, but voiceover and character voice coaching are what she is most passionate about.

Her many clients include: Saks Fifth Avenue, PwC, Nestle, Marriott, Roche, BBC, KFC, BKN, Thomson Reuters and Cisco.


Accomplished singer (alto)

Array of Vocal Sound Effects: bicycle horn, ambulance (European), dripping tap, galloping horse, fussing baby, race cars, tape on fast forward
Animal Sounds: sniffing dog, chicken, hound dog, donkey, cat, seagull, pig

Stand up comedy - 1 year on the London circuit
Sketch comedy - 2 years Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Improvisation - 3 years Brainwaves, Portland OR

Very quick turnaround (usually 24 hours).