Derek Denton

Miembro desde 1 año •
"Engaging & energetic voiceover that gets your message across!"
Derek Denton

I deliver information and tell stories in a clear, warm, and engaging manner that never confuses or dismisses.

My reads are articulate without being stuffy, and I can bring even pretty dry and clinical material to life.

For fictional stories, I create distinct and unique characters and take the listener along for the ride.


I completed the Such A Voice Premier training program over the summer and autumn of 2019.

I also have a prior background in university acting & theatre studies, music, audio engineering, and language teaching.


I've done a string of audiobook productions this year, on topics as wide-ranging as insurance, blogging and hydroponic gardening.

Recently I've completed a project for the Canadian firm Consulting Success, producing the forthcoming audio editions of three Amazon bestsellers authored by founder Michael Zipursky: *The Elite Consulting Mind*, *Consulting Success*, and his latest book *Act Now*.


Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, percussion, saxophone).

And if you ever make it to my house, I cook a fine chicken vindaloo!