Dean Brightman

Miembro desde 2 años •
"American Male Voice with a genuine, inviting warm sound."
Dean Brightman

Born in California, I was transplanted to Texas when I was 7 yrs old. If needed I can put on a strong southern draw. I have been described as having a genuine, clear and distinct tone. I am able to bring strong energy on passionate subjects, coupled with a welcoming, relaxing, upbeat voice that is pleasing to listen to.
My ability to create fun, crazy characters along with a baritone voice allows me to project a strong announcer style read but could also be the guy you trust next door, with conversational reads.
I've been told by my clients and producers, that I take outstanding direction while in the booth.


Began VO training with a 12wk course on voice acting with Bill Brooks as our instructor at our local college in Fort Worth TX.
Coaching program with Universal Voice Talent with Terry Daniel producing my commercial and narration demos.
Member of Gravy For The Brain, online training courses along with feedback from Hugh, Peter, Brigid, Penelope and Rob Bee.


Voiced the Southern Baptist Convention "Cooperative Program" promo that was heard by thousands of churches.
Was awarded the narration read for Twin Cities Outdoor Services after two rounds of auditions.


Post-production abilities.