David Williams

David Williams

Miembro desde 1 década
"Getting your message across! As you wish - as fast as you wish!"

I have a typical British accent, but it can be hoity-toity like Prince Charles or cockney like Michael Caine........and anywhere in between. Audio book recording is my speciality - and best of all if it is for children.

I have also been successful in recording Elearning modules and voice-overs for corporate videos.

An extensive training manual for a European Airport Security Company.

Reliable - I can usually deliver your final recording within any reasonable deadline set, and in the format of your choice. (MP3, WAV, aiff, CD)


No "official" recognised training - have practised a lot and had recordings critiqued by professionals.

Very receptive to direction where necessary!


Audio books - corporate video vo - Elearning modules - religious/Biblical texts


I am also an excellent, experienced Proofreader and editor of both UK & US English.
Should you require this service it would be automatically included in my fee.
On request I can also make suggestions to a script regarding flow, grammar, etc.