David Van Sise

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"Warm and Inviting, Exciting and Looney, tough and Rugged."
David Van Sise

My Voice has done everything from Cartoon voices to Dodge Truck rugged commercials. Soft Coffee commercials and commercials that instill confidence like Medical and Lawyers. I have done many jobs for International companies such as Leo Burnett, NOA, TBWA, and commercials like Nicsicko beer, Jellen beer, and many, many more.
I have done work for Handy games in Germany, and jobs in Switzerland, Serbia,and london.
I am aiming at becoming an animated Voice as the Majority of my goals but I am open to do virtually anything.


Lani Minella - Voice over actress and Production company VO coach.

Terry Daniels - Voice Over Club

Deb Munro - Debsvoice.com



“The owners of CVF Productions are excited to announce that
David Van Sise is our main voice over talent for TV production!
His talent for impersonations and voices tailored to the needs of our clients is exceptional!
Clients are quite pleased with his work and so are we!”

Debra Sosa & Mark Montellese
CVF Productions, Inc.
Performing Arts and Multi-Media Studios
2650 Enterprise Rd., Suite B
Clearwater, FL 33763
(727) 242-6092 www.cvfproductions.com
Hi David,
I got a message from the client about the last order. See below. Thanks!
Project: Jumpstart Windy Hollows
They LOVED what you did. The take they want to use is version 1a, where they felt it worked best with the visuals.
Thank you,
Scott Tillman
Hi, David!
Thank you for your message. You are the first person to use
the contact form on my new Web site. I listened to your commercial demo
and your first character demo and they are excellent. You have a knack
for impersonating famous people and cartoon characters. I wish you
great success with your career.

Re: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Productions

Steve Allbritton, CFP(R) has recommended you on LinkedIn

Steve Allbritton, CFP(R) Regional Vice President/Southeast at Hanlon Investment Management, Inc.
To: David Van Sise of “DVS Voice Overs”
Date: November 8, 2010
Steve Allbritton, CFP(R) has recommended your work as David Van Sise Voice Over Artist.
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Dear David,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "David is a wonderfully gifted, talented individual with a strong work ethic. He has strong morals, and is an all-around team player. His has a very high "eye for quality", and is a consummate professional." – Steve Allbritton


From Debra Sosa of CVF Productions, Clearwater, Florida. (Linkdin.com)

"David is a talented musician, songwriter and voice-over artist. He never ceases to amaze me with his versatility and talent, not to mention his responsibility. He is always there and always on time! He has thoroughly impressed my acting class with the array of voices he can do. He's warm and friendly and an asset to anyone that hires him. I highly recommend David."

David, I think you have some great talent to work with.

David, You're going to KICK BUTT - I like your skills already for being a NEWBIE - but your voice and demo showcase much more than a newbie. Again I don't give out compliments falsely - so know this is a great comment coming from me as I'm pretty tough on my students in order that they get 100% honesty...so congrats on your current success....much to be proud of!!

Keep in touch
All my best
Deb Munro – Voice Over Artist

Hi David,

Thank you so much for your email.
We really like your voice and decided to add you on our website. Here is the ink for you to have a look: http://www.golocalise.com/?p=listen_voice&vlan=22&voice=809&l=eng

Thank you.

Looking forward to work with you. :)



From: Austin Welch Dresser – Rand Gimple Valves
Thanks for getting this over so quickly. David did an excellent job on the voice over.
Austin Welch

Thank you David For submitting your info for our database. You are a very talented artist, It is much needed for us to have your info on file for future projects That we get, or know of those in need of your talents. We are still gathering info for our database and your info covers a base we had not considered until now.
So thank you for sending it to us.

Thank you
Thomas Buffington, Owner
TriSpirit Productions


I am a 30 year veteran Musician with many Awards for songwriting and singing.

Please go to http://www.myspace.com/DVSthebluesband to hear my music.