Dale Elliott

Dale Elliott

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Capt Dale delivers the goods!"

My specialties are Brand Marketing, Creative Idea generation and Fresh, Smooth Delivery.
wide scope of work experience-On-Air Radio Host, Advertising Sales Account Manager, Sporting Goods
Retail Manager, Forklift Driver and Community Engagement Manager.

I am a blessed husband for 34 yrs, a proud papa- a daughter and a son, plus an über proud grandpa- 3 high energy, incredible grandkids.
Have lived in "The Great White North", aka Canada all my life except for 4 yrs. in the great State of Michigan in the 1980's.


VO coach Anne Ganguzza
Marc Scott Marketing Playbook


Voice of Coffee News- a weekly podcast
Commercials for local charities- Coldest Night of the Year- Neighbourlink Chatham-Kent

2019- Audiobook- Puppy Training
2019- Audiobook- 21 Day Journey of Inspiration
2019- Audiobook- Dog Training Basics- All in One Start Up Guide
2019- Audiobook- Dog Obedience Training- The Definitive Guide
2019- 32 Day's With Christ's Passion
2019- Audiobook- House Training A Puppy


aspiring wordsmith
would be handyman (carpentry, etc)