Coleman Clarke

Miembro desde 2 años •
"Deep, Warm, Rich, Professional, Believable, Friendly, Smooth"
Coleman Clarke

With more than 30 years in network radio, television and film, I have worked with, and learned from, the very best voice over talent in the world. Don Pardoe, Vic Roby, MacMcGarry, Ed McMahon, and many others. I give the same attention to small projects and small business, as I do national campaigns and corporate roll-outs.
As a professor in on-air broadcast performance, I bring a clear and effective interpretation to YOUR script, while I always welcome creative direction from your continuity team!


On the air in New York radio, and training at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Invaluable guidance from colleagues at NBC radio & television: Don Pardoe, Vic Roby, Mac McGarry, Ed McMahon, and many more!


The spokesman for the national ad campaign of Portillo's Lemon Cake. Very positive response with enthusiastic customer response and purchases.

Eatz Meal Prep
Texas Ranchers Assoc.
Best Cities Global Initiative (Bogota, Colombia)
United Arab Emirites (multiple hospitals, govrnment initiatives)
Duel Fuel
Chopra Center
Rejuvenus Plastic Surgery Center (Houston, Texas)
Smart Structures Corporation
Realty Fund LA
Nabatik (Middle East)
MySafariPics (app)


Precise and creative editing of all voice overs for pristine results. Years of experience with accurate script interpretation...understanding the client's vision.