Claire Trusson

Claire Trusson

Miembro desde 3 años
"Direct and engaging, with an added warmth and wit."

Originally training and working as a stage actor, I have able to draw on the skills learnt during this time to help grab and keep the attention of an audience. As a commercial voice actor, I help to tranfsrom your script from simply words into an interesting, engaging and believable hook that will grasp the attention of your target market.

Having worked front of house in the London corporate world to supplement my income, I have a perfect voice forcorporate voiceover; clear, calm and engaging. I have a great sense of the appropriate tone and pace for IVR, e-learning and explainer videos.

I am also very experienced in longform narration- I am passionate about storytelling and my audiobook work (whether fiction or non-fiction) always aims to fully engage the listener and bring the text to life for them.

My work in children's theatre gave me a unique insight into perfecting voiceover for children's animations. I can provide a variety of voices and characters which captivat and communicate with a young audience .


I have a MA (Hons) Performance from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and a BA (Hons) Drama and Theatre Arts from University of Birmingham.

I am an active member in the online voiceover community, regularly partaking in online courses and seminars to further my skills.


From working for smaller charities to larger brands, I always approach my work with the same care, attention and enthusiam.

On a personal level, some of my favourite performer credits have been recording audiobooks for Harper Collins, working for Disney as a variety of iconic characters and touring Europe in a musical show.


I also regularly work as a professional singer and musical theatre actress which adds a great sense of rhythm and melody to my voiceover work. I can also provide vocals for your projects.