Claire Sharpe

Miembro desde 4 años
"Friendly, Upbeat and Authoritative Young London Voice."

My playing age is late teenage to late 20's, and I have a naturally friendly voice with an RP accent which give it the authoritative tone for informative videos and Commercials.
Growing up in SE London I can do a Thames Estuary/London accent which is useful for character work or reaching a teenage audience.
Although I have a generally upbeat energy I can bring a smoother softer energy for commercials and projects that need a more intimate feel.


I trained in Acting at Rose Bruford College graduating in 2011.
Since then I have taken part in long and short term workshops with:
Spotlight, Guy Michaels, Ross Grant and Sugar Pod Productions.


I have worked in voice over for the past 3 years, mostly in radio, I present live and recorded travel news for BBC and UK Commercial stations including LBC and Magic FM.
I have also recorded commercials and hearing tests for Measure Digital and Hidden Hearing.
I also presented and voiced a financial tutorial for Barclays and The Skills Academy.


I am also a singer with musical theatre and classical training I have a slight jazzy tone to my natural singing voice but have the ability to manipulate it to be suitable for various types of campaigns.