Chuck McKibben

Chuck McKibben

Miembro desde 4 años
"The voice of America's heartland... a friendly, trusted neighbor"

I am a Veteran Voiceover Specialist, born and raised in the American Midwest. Few voice talents have my depth of high-level experience in the voiceover field, first as a staff radio announcer in Ohio from 1963 to '72, then as the personal audio producer/engineer for Mel Blanc, the legendary "Man of 1,000 Voices" at his Beverly Hills, CA studio. There, at age 25, I conducted sessions with many film and TV stars, including Oscar-winning film stars Kirk Douglas and Jack Palance, famed actor Vincent Price, "Twilight Zone" creator/host Rod Serling, iconic comedian Jack Benny, "American Top 40" radio host Casey Kasem, and many of the biggest voiceover artists in Hollywood.

My own voice acting career was established in New York City in 1977. There, the same year, I also became the Broadcast Production Director of a major NYC advertising agency, producing and directing radio andTV commercials, first on-staff and then, from 1993 to 2007, freelancing with a number of ad agencies. Over a 30-year span, I voiced thousands of projects for clients large and small, with total dedication to every client's complete satisfaction and happiness with my work.

In 2007, I moved to Philadelphia, PA, where I am now a respected voiceover coach, pleased to be mentoring aspiring new talents. I am also an audiobook reader/narrator of some 20 titles on Amazon, Audible and iTunes, including a memoir that I authored. It is titled "Mel Blanc, the Voice of Bugs Bunny...and Me: Inside the Studio with Hollywood's Man of 1,000 Voices." Please view my Bio on Wikipedia for more information. You will also find two video interviews with me on YouTube under my name. Thank you.


Several local Ohio radio hosts mentored me in the 1960's, before there were any schools for announcers. Their guidance allowed me start working as a disc jockey in 1963. In 1966, I began formal training in the Radio-TV Broadcasting Curriculum of the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, and became Production Director of the school's radio station. I then accepted an offer to host the "afternoon drive-time" show on a popular Cincinnati FM station.

Beginning in 1972, having left Ohio for greater opportunity, I was hired by Mel Blanc to participate in over 100 weekly voiceover training classes at the "Mel Blanc School of Commercials and Voice" in Los Angeles, CA. This permitted me to "learn at the feet of The Master" while also serving as his audio engineer. I'm sure that no one ever spent more time being educated by the most celebrated voice actor in the world! When Blanc promoted me to Studio Operations Director of his own Beverly Hills audio facility, I learned much more about voice acting by working daily with legendary Hollywood actors as well as voiceover "giants" such as Paul Frees, Gary Owens and Ernie Anderson. In other words, I "learned on the job" from the best voice talents in the entire business. How lucky was I!


HIGHLIGHTS: Senior Promo Voice of Time Warner Cable of New York City throughout the decade of the 1990's. As the "voice" of the biggest cable system in the U.S. at the time, in Americas biggest city, I was heard by millions of TV viewers every week. I was told by my producer, Rob Bader, that my movie-trailer promos delivered more viewers to their pay-per-view movies than any other announcer they had used.

Sole national spokesman for the "My First SONY" product line on all major TV networks during the holiday "Specials," such as the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, beginning in 1988. My first spot can still be seen today on YouTube.

Radio spokesman for RCA Consumer Electronics throughout the U.S. in the late 1980's, introducing RCA TV stereo sound, video camcorders and VHS machines.

Radio spokesman for "Crain's New York Business," a prestigious weekly publication, on over 100 weekly radio commercials through Earle Bower Associates ad agency. These aired heavily on stations reaching New York's top business leaders, such as WCBS, 1010 WINS and Bloomberg radio. I was the broadcast spokesman from the publication's inception.

Luxury car spokesman for the Cadillac Dealer Group of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, before becoming exclusive with just one company, Lexus of Smithtown and Southampton (Long Island), from 1991 through 2007, when I moved from New York.

Because I still possess my same youthful voice, and can play as young as mid-20's, I was invited back to New York (just months after leaving it) by DuArt Film Studio to voice movie trailers for "Pokémon Under the Sea," a direct-to-video release! My natural tone is a warm, friendly, 30-something professional person.


I am a highly skilled audio producer/editor, accomplished in dialogue editing and full post-production. I can add royalty-free music and effects to any project.

As a writer, producer, director and voice talent, I have won 2 Telly Awards statues (first and second place), The Hollywood Radio & Television Society International Award (for animated character voice work), a Gold Medallion from The International Film & Television Festival of New York, and 2 Big Apple Awards (for copywriting). My greatest reward, however, is a satisfied voiceover client!