Christopher Gooley

Christopher Gooley

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Funny, Nasally, Comedic, Charactery"

I have a very unique sound to my voice. Not many people sound like me. I have a real true character voice that is perfect for animation or gaming. I like to think my voice is a blend of Gilbert Gottfried, Bobcats Goldthwait and Phil Hartman.


I have studied with Bob Bergen, Stevie Vallance and Bruce Kroenberg.

I’m currently studying improv at UCB NYC and The Magnet Theatre.


I have done work for iPhone video games that were released in Japan.

I was also a voice actor at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando


I'm a classical trained actor that sings. I’m also a writer as well so, if you need any help writing copy I can assistant in that as well.