Chantel Turner

Miembro desde 1 año
"A versatile Female Character voice with a big range!"
Chantel Turner

From Suburban Mom to a Teenage Boy Bully or an Evil Witch to Giggly Airhead. I have a range of character voices to fit anything from comic Animation to gritty Videogames. As a professionally trained Voice Actor with a background in Theatre, I offer a versatility in my performances.


UNLV – Film/Theatre
Accents For Stage and Screen (Estuary/Modern British, German) – Cliff Miller/Austin
Voiceworks Commercial VO Workshop- Lainie Frasier/Austin
Acting for Film and Stage I & II – Paula Russell/Austin
Voiceworks Industrial VO Workshop – Lainie Frasier/Austin
Voiceworks Video Games & Animation Workshop – Lainie Frasier/Austin
Accents & Dialects Masterclass- Eliza Jane Schneider


St. Mark Preschool “Fall Special” Radio
Main Event Catering “Banquet Rooms” Radio
North Dakota Center for Nursing. “Giving Hearts Day” Television
Pets Unleashed “Companions” Television

A Voice From Darkness Amanda Audio Drama/Podcast
Spoof Noir Emma Genius Audio Drama/Podcast
Belling the Cat Narration By Chandra Martin
Love Letters Narration By Rabiosa Kar
Broken Mind Narration By Rabiosa Kar
The Secret to Wealth, Vol II Narration By Lisa Cavendar
The Bittersweet Song of Canary Narration By Matthew Fish
BLOODSISTERS Narration By John Russo
Healers Cosmetics TV VO Promotional Video
i-lit ELL VO Promotional Video
Sparkle Data Management VO Promotional Video
Nina Jean Louis Mission VO Promotional Video
WaterPlus Supplements VO Promotional Video
Hansen Mechanical VO Industrial Training
Dynalectric Construction VO Industrial Training
Mars Food VO Agile Practices Training


I can offer basic post-production (noise reduction, editing, EQ adjustments) and can successfully produce Audiobooks to ACX specifications.