Chad Peterson

Miembro desde 2 años •
"The Voice of Great Content"
Chad Peterson

Content, Content, Content - From eLearning programs to social media ads, this word is at the center of it all - content.

Great content has only seconds to capture its audience and deliver a message intriguing enough that the listener cant help but dive in. Great content is quick, sharp, and to the point.

And at the center of every great piece of content, is a great voice over.

Im Chad Jo of Chad Jo Voice Over, and I am the Voice of Great content. I have lent my voice to a magnitude of projects for social media videos, radio ads, corporate trainings, audiobooks and more. My signature sound is soft, inviting, and projects classic warmth that makes the listener feel as if they are at home in the Midwest, but I have a wide range of voices that can fit almost any project!

If you need to take your project to the next level, I would love to help!


Terry Daniels Voice Over Camp
Brent Allen Hagel Promo and Trailer Training
School of Voice Over Acting, Minneapolis, Minnesota


I have produced digital content for major broadcasting company Hubbard Broadcasting/Hubbard Interactive, as well as multiple local brands to my location, lending my voice to local commercials, product explainer videos and more. I have also produced around a dozen audiobooks of varying success.


Besides being a voice talent, I can edit that delivery for your final product. I am also an experienced social media manager and Facebook Ads Specialist, and can help you plan the best course of action for your content!