Calvin Kipperman

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Deep, Wise, gritty, and powerful. The voice to sell and tell."

While my voice can fit for many types and styles of narration, I excel at character acting which can add a much greater depth to any narrative piece. While another voice over artist may provide a satisfactory read, what your script may need is a well-acted touch to properly bring it to its full potential.
On top of all of this, I have done software engineering professionally for many startups. What your web application advert may need is someone experienced with the software and problems it aims to fix in order to get the best read possible.


Brooklyn College under Arthur McDouglas & Lillian Meredith, Camsitty Acting Classes under Jennifer Speze.


I've worked with Valve on Team Fortress 2's Cursed Cove, Pathea Games, Darril Arts, Brudingo Team, Eastshade Studios, and many others. You may find my voice in many video games as a villain with a tortured past or a loving father, trying his best to brighten up his children's lives.


I can do excellent post-production work on audio clips to ensure pristine quality when needed. This includes EQ, compression, noise gating & reduction, vocal FX (to make it robotic or old), and much more!