Brian Burnett

Brian Burnett

Miembro desde 5 años
"Versatile sexy baritone with a splash of wry gravelly resonance."

I have a versatile instrument. I can speak comfortably at the bottom of my voice: a resonant masculine baritone with a touch of gravel and sarcasm. Or at the top of my voice: a bright, playful wing man eager to keep everyone's drink full at the party. I can move easily between selling Old Spice to speaking confidently and intelligently about the latest advances in titanium alloy prosthetics.


I come from a theatre background where voice training is a must. I have a BA in Theatre from the University of Southern California. Having both stage and on camera experience have aided me in being flexible in all my projects. I have also studied extensively with Kelly Moscinski (owner/casting director) at The Voicecaster here in Los Angeles.


Most recently I have worked on two separate AAA radio spots in which I had the opportunity to do more character work. I dubbed a spot for google this summer where I got to showcase my announcer chops. I am very proud to have recorded the English ADR for the Czech film "Myth of Karma" featuring Brendon Frasier. Not often one gets to act opposite Brendan Frasier even if it's just his image...


I sing most comfortably in my lower register in a Frank Sinatra-esque manner. I can also sing as an animated character.