Brett Hood

Miembro desde 4 años •
"A deep, warm and welcoming voice with a hint of charm."

I always seem to shine most at commercials. I think it's because I've always enjoyed the cheesiness a commercial can bring and so It comes naturally to me.
Other than that, If it's something I've never worked on before, I usually get my research in quickly and efficiently to understand the job at hand at work at it until the client is happy.


I'm a self-taught voice-over artist that originally learnt on the job. My clients were always happy and always gave me 5-stars for my overall work. To progress, I have been taking courses on Udemy to refine my knowledge on software and general voice-over skills. I'm studying all the time and learning something new everyday about this industry.


My biggest achievement so far is narrating an audiobook and receiving highly respected reviews for it. The name of the audiobook is 'When Night Falls - Kayla Krantz'.

I've been in this industry for 2 years and I just have the knack for it.

I've done work for;
- A business proposing ideas to Mini
- SmartAV
- Quayside Hotel
- FrankeUK

The list goes on with clients using my work for personal reasons or just very small businesses.


I'm reasonablly efficient at using Adobe Audition for my post production. I've been using the software for 2 years now.