Bob Darke

Miembro desde 2 años •
"Professional, Warm and Unique voice talent"
Bob Darke

During Bob's first career as general dentist for 31 years, he learned the value of using his voice to reassure and guide his patient's through a procedure. His friendly and warm voice was able to set the tone for the appointment in a positive manner. Bob pride's himself on his ATTENTION TO DETAIL, delivering his service ON TIME and DOING THE RIGHT THING. He is passionate about the creative process and has trained with the best in the business to give his projects superior vocals and professional quality sound. Bob's voice can be serious and dramatic or funny and upbeat. He can be warm and friendly like the guy next door or serious and concerned like a father or brother.

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Such a Voice coached by Kelley Huston


30+ years as general dentist


Trained in using Audacity software