Bindy Coda

Bindy Coda

Miembro desde 6 años •
"An youthful & dynamic character actor, with a great range!"

Bindy is an amazing talent that can voice many ages, from toddler to adult. She's been bringing characters to life for over a decade!

Why struggle with a testy child actor, when Bindy has the experience and voice to do it better? She can bend her voice from bright and cheerful, to sinister and monstrous! From zany, to posh and refined! She is able to voice monsters, creatures, both male and female children, and several accents. She can also voice match and sing in character voice!

She is incredibly versatile! Her energetic voice is perfect for your corporate presentations, voice-on-hold, or commercials. She can even spice up your medical reads. From crazy cartoons, to corporate industrial, she's got your back! Hear more at or

Range: Medium High – High
Type: Ages 6-30 years, Child (female), Child (male), Teen (female), Adult (female)
Quality: Cute, Monster, Villain, Child, High-energy, Playful, Enthusiastic, Conversational, Friendly, Girl-Next-Door, Daughter, Mom, Refined, Professional
Specialty: Character, animation, video games, eLearning, Narration, Commercial, Messages-on-Hold, Voice Prompts


Human Factors
Pat Fraley Character Courses
Training with Melissa Leebaert
Washington Improv Theater


Over 10 years of voice over, casting, direction, and production experience.
Expertise in character voice work, including video games, children's products, animations, and e-learning.
Clients include: The US Government, Pearson Education, Bandai, indie game developers, toy makers, animators, and much more!


Singing, Sound Design, Post Production, Sound Effects