Bernardette Haken

Miembro desde 6 años
"If you are looking for authenticity, listen to my demo!!"

My English accent has the ability to sound professional/believable/honest and trustworthy!
Commercials - pitched usually to an adult audience of professionals who are seeking some sort of proof that the product in question is reliable and guaranteed.
Documentaries - narration to suit the subject matter - whether light hearted or informative, serious or comedic - a tone and manner to suit the situation.
Audio books - ability to take on character(s) and portray to the listener a full picture of the story using various accents (British) and tones to fully interpret the story being told.
Cartoon character(s) - formerly was the voice of a princess in a fairy tale cartoon which was sold to the Japanese market. The voice had to be pitched for younger viewers/listeners to be believable.


As an adolescent in London, UK, read and competed in poetry readings through the London Borough.
When I moved to California as a young adult, trained with many performing art professionals and became involved in many improvisation groups.
Moved to New York and after a career in the financial world, am going back to what I really love to do which is return to the voiceover world so I took lessons and other sessions with Marla Kirban Voiceover, in Manhattan, New York. Marla just recently received the award for the 'Best Voiceover Teacher' in the US....


I have no claim as to 'big achievements' as of now but am looking to be the voice of a product which I firmly believe I could sell using my train in voiceover techniques. I have done several small jobs but only just recently returned to the business which I truly love!


Nothing really - sorry!