Ben Homewood

Ben Homewood

Miembro desde 7 años
"Natural, Soft, light, chatty & Current. Welcome to Ben Homewood."

I have many years experience as a TV/ film actor and VO. I will bring to life your scripts, and unless directed otherwise, will always provide an extremely natural read.
I have a professional quality home studio and an ISDN line.


I have been voicing for 10 years. In that time, i have learned the skills necessary to give the client what they ask for across all of the mediums.


As well as a successful TV career, I have voiced for Doritos, TOFS, Peugeot, Pure Gyms and many others... as well as an award winning campaign to save soho.
I have recorded many hours of elearning modules, and corporates, and specialize in animations.


I can sing.