Ashley Ryan

Ashley Ryan

Miembro desde 4 años
"Your vision. My voice. Ageless. Friendly. Professional."

Your vision is my priority.

Just like when you read a book and have a particular vision for the characters, then you get to the big screen and they don’t match your vision. Prevent this situation when you work with me because your vision becomes my voice.

With over 20 years of vocal training, competition, and public speaking, I have a vast array of skills to work with and am able to learn quickly while taking direction well.

Also, you can expect to receive your projects in a timely fashion, within 24 hours - or less - for most jobs.

Having studied psychology and body language extensively, I have a deep understanding of the way we move to convey particular emotions, which is very useful when you want to appear natural and conversational.

Let’s chat about your project and bring your vision to life!


Private Voice Coach

20 + years of vocal training & competitive singing

Vocal Technique & Music (private’s coach)

Voice Acting - private coaches, Udemy, audible, research

Acting Class - Fanshawe

Business - Fanshawe, private professionals and accountants, online courses & lessons, audible, Udemy


Local Radio - Advertisements
Local Businesses - Advertisements
Walmart Portrait Studios - Phone Answering System
Fanshawe - Presentation


Special Skills
Styles: friendly, professional, conversational
(sultry, romantic, raspy, warm, caring, bubbly, energetic, sarcastic, energetic, happy, nurturing, informative, flirty, friendly, defeated, emotional, confident, angry, calm, confident, comforting, concerned)
Accents: Southern, British
Singing: Disney, Country, Folk, Pop, Musical Theatre
Guitar, Children’s Songs
Photography & Videography
Photo & Video Editing
Graphic Design
Audio Engineering (Audition)
Judo & Jujitsu

Production Software
- Adobe Audition
- Audacity
- Adobe Premiere Pro
- Final Cut Pro X

- Apex 460B Mic (with pre-amp kit)
- Shure SM58
- Shure Beta87a
- Roland Duo Ex Interface
- VoxGuard Sound Guard
- Sound Proofing
- Pop Filter
- Mic Boom Stand