Anthony Pattee

Miembro desde 1 año
"Young and snappy, yet professional and instructional."
Anthony Pattee

For over a year now, I've been lending my vocal talents to instructional design and development for Williams-Sonoma, Inc. to assist with training new hires and internal employees alike. Although my experience in voice over work has been strictly instructional, there have been projects on which I've been required to act as an animated character, or play the role of an associate or customer. Right now, I'm looking to expand my voice over portfolio by voicing instructional projects, commercials, and voice acting roles suited to my specific vocal range.

By default, I have a more professional and well-read sounding voice, however I am flexible and am able to control my voice to fit a role, as long as an appropriate character description or sound has been provided. I pride myself with my ability to read at various speeds using correct pronunciation and near perfect diction. I am able to record and write (if necessary) from the comfort of my own home using professional studio equipment.


Throughout my experience providing voice over talent for a fortune 500 company, I have picked up skills in voicing and editing along the way. I've been lucky enough to work with other professionals in my company who have shared their knowledge and skills with me to drastically improve my voice over quality, and therefore the quality of the instructional design we strive to create. I am of course looking to expand my experience and portfolio to include commercial roles, enhanced voice acting experience, and audio read alongs.


I have successfully provided voice over talent to hundreds of training and instructional items for Williams-Sonoma, Inc. to include animated shorts, audio read-alongs, Powerpoint presentations, Storylines, and more. My work is always viewed and vetted by corporate entities within the company, as well as professionally trained peers and business associates to ensure the highest quality content is being provided.


Having started professionally voicing learning content just over a year ago, I've expanded my skill in this facet of the business by being able to apply simple post-production vocal effects such as compression, noise reduction, limiting, and equalization. I am also an accomplished script-writer within my current role at Williams-Sonoma, Inc. requiring that I both write and record e-learning content for new hires, as well as internal trainees.