Annie Mehrotra

Miembro desde 7 años
"classic, flexible, and ear catching voice with great delivery"

I like to communicate and be understood so I pace, stress and deliver at, what I feel, is at an optimal level. I love what I do so am totally committed to finishing a project at the quickest and to the best of my ability regardless of the many obstacles that I meet everyday. Every project is a personal achievement, whether big or small and an expression of myself therefore, needs to be perfect. I understand that everyone has a different definition of perfection and norms vary hence, I endeavour to get it right by finding out the story behind every piece of work allotted.


I had my own radio show, where I worked at one of London's largest Asian radio stations. I listened to other DJs and myself everyday and was my own worst critic by absorbing the different techniques used for different cultural groups which enabled me to carry on in the same industry regardless of the country.


With regards to VOs, I have successfully worked for all my clients of which some are Reebok, adidas, PVR cinemas, One of the largest groups of hospitals here where we went onto win a medal for our presentation on current issues, T-Series narrations and many more.


Not only do I use my voice but I also hold creative English workshops for many students where English is their second language. I have therefore, the ability to write scripts if required by the client once I have top line information and the message they want o communicate.