Ann Heibel

Miembro desde 1 año
"Smooth, Believable, Mercurial, and Experienced Voice Talent!"
Ann Heibel

Hi, and thank you for considering me for your voice over!

"Trustworthy"..."Smooth"…"Believable"… All words viewers and professional consultants have used to describe my on-air delivery. I've spent my entire career (25 years!) in TV broadcasting, and before that, as an award-winning actress and public speaker.

I not only know how to deliver information that evokes emotion and speaks to the heart of the listener or viewer… I know my way around an editor, script, camera, and microphone! Whether it's the vocal authority of a corporate instructional or e-learning video... the fun energy of a commercial advertisement... the smooth yet commanding tone of a medical-explainer... or the characters of an audiobook… I have the talent to bring your hard work to life.

I'm smart, efficient, and flexible. I'm here to deliver on your next commercial, explainer video, web video, whiteboard video, on-line training video, telephone voice mail, toy vocal, elevator vocal, alarm system, overhead radio system, public transportation, audiobook, eLearning, animation, video game, ADR/Looping, documentary, TV narration, museum tour, announcing, and vocal replacement (medical applications) job. And, for fun, I can play around with characters: from a teenage/California/up-speaking girl.. to a seasoned New-Yorker.. to a syrupy-sweet Southern charmer (or country WalMart shopper)… to a sensible, salt-of-the earth Midwestern gal. Oh! And let's not forget consummate TV News Anchor (real or affected)! I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with you and, together, accomplish something we're both very proud of!


25-years in broadcasting
Acting / Theater work


Just starting out in voice over as a full-time job! But I've had successful broadcasting jobs with ABC/CBS/NBC affiliates, I've been hired for one audiobook so far, and have recorded multiple commercials and promotions for television news. I've also been featured a few print ad campaigns.


*Check out my various American accents in my demo reel*
Also, I'm especially adept at nailing the feel of a spot or read.. knowing what to emphasize, pacing, and getting a clear message across. And, as a former health reporter, I'm especially good at delivering medical explainers and information!