Andrew Ros

Miembro desde 4 años
"I have a crisp, guy next door, and friendly voice."


I have a crisp, guy next door, friendly voice, and a versatile voice-over artist with a unique style. My vocal range is very flexible. If you need a low and comforting tone, or an exciting and booming voice, I can deliver just that! My equipment is professional grade and will guarantee clean and clear recordings. I can also process my recordings (EQ, compression, etc) unless the producer wants the recordings raw. I will ensure quick delivery and will always get back to you with any messages.

I can do voiceovers for commercials, promos, trailers, eLearning, phone systems, and video games. If you need the voice, I got it!

If you need an audition or have any questions, please send me an e-mail at :


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Workshop experience with Caroly Larson, Kim Hurdon Casting studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


I've provided my voice-over services for: AudibleScripts, student films.


I can produce clean and clear mp3/WAV recordings, quick delivery, commercials, characters, video game voice, creature sounds.