Andrew Randall

Andrew Randall

Miembro desde 1 década •
"Actor & Voice-over Talent"

I have a smooth British male voice that is natural, believable, and sincere, with a warm, uplifting tone. I'm great with funny characters and have excellent comedic timing. However, my business voice is professional and intelligent.

In addition to playing the GEICO GECKO on Pandora, I have performed in the style of many other well-known characters, such as J.A.R.V.I.S. from “Iron Man,” GHOST from “Call of Duty,” numerous Dickens and Shakespeare roles, and I have created countless original voices, from a REGULAR GUY NEXT DOOR to a SCURVY PIRATE.

I have also produced commercial, corporate, educational and training work in my natural voice for hundreds of blue-chip companies, including Ford, Google, Walmart, Kraft Heinz, GE, etc.

“Andrew is talented, fast, and a pleasure to work with.”

That’s what my clients say about me. So let me MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER, too, by delivering EXACTLY the voice you want, either from my PROFESSIONAL HOME STUDIO or ANY STUDIO you choose (I LOVE to travel).

See for full details, DEMOS, RÉSUMÉ and TESTIMONIALS.


A full-time voice talent since 2009, Andrew comes out of his sound booth whenever he can for on-camera roles, including the lead role in a TV sitcom pilot, co-starring roles in a full-length feature and an unscripted TV show, plus numerous lead roles in commercials, industrials and training videos.


Commercials & Promos
Google, LEAD, Ripplemakers, Inc.
Ford, LEAD, Kenn Richards/Ef Sharp

Industrials / Corporate / Educational
Walmart/Sam’s Club, LEAD, ADM Productions
GE, LEAD, Rosegold Creative
Cisco Systems, LEAD, Tim Washer

Video Games
Call of Duty: Operation Kingfish, CO-STAR (Ghost)
Terminus Reprisal, LEAD (Zack Payne)
SkyControl, LEADS (Multiple)

Pip’s Tour of Birmingham, LEAD (Pip), FitzMartin Media
I, Smartphone, LEAD (Smartphone), Josh Taber/Coldwater Media
Don’t Leave Your Brain at Home, LEAD (Brain), Sam Fisher/Brighter Creative

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NEW CLIENTS: 500 words for €50

All work includes the following, unless otherwise specified:

1. A narration performed with the appropriate amount of passion and energy, and with the right emphasis on the right words (according to your directions, if required).

2. Recorded in a soundproof environment using a professional microphone via an audio interface (so there’s no background hiss and hum, like on most amateur audio).

3. Edited to remove any errors and retakes in the read.

4. Edited to remove any mouth clicks, pops and loud breaths.

5. Edited to produce the correct pacing.

6. Final "proof-listen" to ensure an accurate narration of your script.

7. Prompt delivery of BROADCAST QUALITY audio files in any format (WAV, AIFF, MP3) via e-mail, Dropbox,, etc.

See for full details, DEMOS, RÉSUMÉ and TESTIMONIALS.