Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

Miembro desde 5 años
"a born mimic; sweet, rich, clear, emotive, sensual and empathic"

I can record in an extensive range of dialects and characters:
• British received pronunciation and several regional accents
• Australian and New Zealand
• eastern European
• Russian
• Irish
• Scottish
• east Indian
• all regional American dialects
but I'm also adept at client/employee testimonials and other forms of voice acting.

Others have described my range as: sexy, sweet, motherly, warm, emotive, vulnerable, cool, authoritative, arch, sensual, seductive, caring, calming, soothing.

I'm intuitive and keen to take direction while recording.
I'm also able to record and send fully edited files.

I would love to be a resource for you, so please consider me the next time you have an audition or need for voiceover; my rates are flexible based on your needs.
Thanks for listening!


Improv and theater beginning at age 11. Workshops and one-on-one voice acting classes with September and Bob Carter at The Neighborhood Studio, Atlanta.


I'm just beginning my experience as a professional voice artist, but I've already booked a national commercial for SunTrust Mortgage. Watch this space for more. ;)


I'm able to record and deliver fully edited MP3s.