Alicia Bradley

Alicia Bradley

Miembro desde 5 años
"Youthful, natural, friendly, and fun!"

Alicia's style is youthful, natural, friendly, and fun. She can be casual and conversational, or peppy and energetic — perfect for retail, television, cartoon spots, or commercial spots. Alicia looks forward to working with you on your audiobook, videogame, animation, television spot, internet video, or commercial!

Music by HookSounds & Bensound


Ryerson Theatre School 2010, Toronto Ontario.
Jennifer Fagan (voice coach)


Education: Ryerson Theatre School 2010, Toronto Ontario.
Vocal training: Jennifer

Voiceover work:
PC Financial — training videos (2017)
Boro App (2017)
Marina Island DLC (2017) "Briana Survivor"
Burns (2012)

Film work:
A Dog In Paris (Post-production)
Search Party (2015), "Bethany"
Mr Whispers (2015) "Felicity"
Hyperbole (2015), "Self"
Other Good Friday (2014), "Albi"
Nikki Reel Romance (2014) "Jessica"
Afternoon (2014), "Girl" (Awards: Air Canada Film Festival, National Screen Institute Online Short Film Festival)
Burns (2012), "Sarah"
16 and Pregnant (2012), "Wanda"
Water Under the Bridge (2012), "Sofia"
MARA (2011), "Girl"
Dirty Laundry (2011), "Catwoman"

Theatre work:
Tough (2010), Tina
Macbeth (2010), Witch 2, Murderer 2
Grease (2009), Stage/Pit Orchestra Keyboardist
Deathbed (2008), Jaqueline