Alex Novielli

Alex Novielli

Miembro desde 10 años •
"Corporate, Authoritative, Medical, Technical, New Yorker"

My narration work can range from upbeat and enthusiastic; confident and strong; energetic; authentic and human; deep, warm and mature; informative.

For commercial work, I can run the gamut inclusive of uplifting, tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic, nostalgic, honest, fun, smooth, influencing, authoritative, sexy.

I can make your corporate presentations sound professional, with an intelligent, educational, knowledgeable and interesting tone. My voice is naturally suited to a conversational, friendly, pleasant sound but can also move to motivational and positive-sounding when necessary.

PSAs will come across as warm, human, personable, compassionate, fatherly, sincere, comforting and approachable.

With a life sciences and technology background, your medical/scientific or technical narrations/presentations will be concise, informational and professional.


Continuous training with Edge Studio coaches include(d):
Jay Snyder, Erik Sheppard, Danielle Quisenberry, Carol Monda,
Randye Kaye and Kristen Price

James Alburger & Penny Abshire:
Voice Acting & Script Interpretation

Bettye Zoller:
Copy Reading & Voice Acting

Julie Williams:
Medical Narration

George Whittam:
ProTools Basics; ProTools Advanced; Using SourceConnect

Dan Lenard:
GarageBand; Recording & Editing; Advanced Audio Editing; Multi-tracking For Voiceover; Recording On The Road

Scott Skibell & Paul Levin:
Skype For Voiceovers


Drawing from a wealth of personal and professional experiences, professional male voice talent Alex Novielli has the ability to specifically connect his voice to the character portrayed or the situation presented, contributing to the project’s goal.

With years of voiceover training, you will get an authentic, professional, yet casual business style that listeners trust ~ an expressive, energetic voice that ranges from the confident and knowing to the playful and enthusiastic.

Because Alex gets what you want, you’ll hear what you need.