Alex Coy

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"Rich voice with wide vocal range & gift for impersonations."
Alex Coy

Alex Coy is a veteran of the live theater scene in Texas with a background in classical opera, musical theater, improv comedy, and contemporary drama. A master of accents and dialects, his ability to faithfully impersonate politicians and celebrities served him well as a stand-up and improv comedian. From silky smooth buttery narration to erratic cartoon voices and character roles, whatever your voice-over needs you can be sure he will attend to them in a professional and expedient fashion.


Alex received classical choral and operatic training from Gordon Ivers and James Hare at the Tom C Clark Choir program. He first got into voice acting when doing amateur flash animation cartoons in the lat 90s and early 2000s and found such a passion for it that he took an Independent Study Mentorship his Senior Year of High School where he spent the whole year studying voice acting, interviewing voice actors like Michael Kopsa and David Hayter, and performing as several voices in an audio book called The Lesser Children. He studied acting at Trinity University's drama program and has been a veteran of the Texas film and theater scene for over a decade.


In addition to solo work as a stand up comedian, Alex was a member of the Improv to Improve improv troupe which raised money for multiple sclerosis, the First Time Offenders improv and sketch comedy troupe, Improv Comedy Sports, and The Denials improv comedy troupe. Some of his more notable roles include Old Man Strong in Urinetown and Mr. Jacobi in Disney's Newsies at the Public Theater of San Antonio, Nikola Tesla in The Secret Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and The Carpenter in Queen's Castle at the Overtime Theater, The Bigger Badder Wolf in the 3 Little Pigs Christmas Surprise at the Magik Children's Theater, Fatt in Waiting for Lefty and the Porter in Macbeth at the Proxy Theater Company. He won a Best Supporting Actor award from the US Army for his performance as Stanley Jerome in Broadway Bound at the Harlequinn Dinner Theater on base at Fort Sam Houston. He appeared in independent films like Raise the Stakes, a vampire film on a college campus, and Teen Spirit, a high school lesbian coming of age story, in supporting comedic character roles. He is also the host and producer of a podcast called Socialist Resurgence where he interviews artists, activists, and academics about the ongoing struggle for social and economic justice for the Socialist Resurgence Party, of which he was one of the founding members.


Alex is a polyglot who speaks multiple languages in addition to English including Spanish, Russian, & German. While less fluent in Italian, Latin, French, and Chinese he has sung and performed in all these languages. Can sing in many different styles from classical opera, to broadway musicals, to blues, rock, punk, and folk. He plays 6 string and bass guitar. His repertoire of impersonations runs the gamut from contemporary politicians like Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders to entertainment figures like Dustin Hoffman, Woody Allen, John Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz, and Humphry Bogart. He has his own in home studio and digital audio workstation to do vocal eq and special fx.