Alex Brewis

Alex Brewis

Miembro desde 3 años •
"The calming, honest and friendly voice of Alex Brewis"

My name is Alex Brewis. I am a UK based voice over artist working to provide voice work to a range of individuals and businesses.

I am passionate about creating voice overs, bringing characters to life and giving IVR that professional touch. Check out my Demos, get a taste for what I can offer your project and get in touch to discuss what i can do for you.

For voice recording, the acoustic quality of your space matters, which is why I hand built my bespoke recording studio to provide an environment that produces superior sound with a very low noise floor.
Built with quality materials, the studio has created both a quality recording experience for clients, as well as a quiet spot to settle in and focus on projects for me.
The studio is kitted out with a Rode NT1 microphone, MOTU M2 Audio Interface, edited using the Adobe suite and monitored using Beyerdynamic 770 Pro Headphones and Mackie CR4 speakers.
Remote and directed sessions are available via Source Connect Now, Cleanfeed, Skype or Microsoft Teams.


After completing Drama and Music qualifications at school, I continued down the Musical route for a number of years alongside my day job of work as a project manager. I have since been involved with the Voiceover Kickstart program based in the UK, completed training with Gravy for the Brain and I take part in a local amateur dramatics and improv group in my hometown of Bury St Edmunds.


So far in my Voiceover work I have completed a series of explainer videos for the separate arms of a local IT firm delivering Development, IT Support and Cyber Security.
I have also completed explainer videos for Janssen Pharmaceuticals as well as the Global Evergreening Alliance and a couple of Ad spots featured on Eurosport for Phillips and the MySlice App respectively.


I have upskilled in the use of Premier Pro to be able to offer simple video editing and I am able to match Audio to video.