I have been doing voices and shtick since the 70's.

I followed those early years up by working at the Mix 94.5 radio station in Albany,NY. Not only did I do on air work and voiceovers for the advertisers, I was able to infuse my character voices and impersonations into our commercial text for broadcast. Some of my accents gleaned enormous increases in revenue for the various businesses. The transplant from Connecticut and Upstate,NY to Los Angeles 10 years ago was seamless. The weather made it pretty easy as well.

I opened First Prize Productions in Los Angeles in 2004, and have been blessed to produce and direct shows for all of the major networks. I have produced television shows for FOX,ABC,NBC,CBS,DISCOVERY CHANNEL,TLC,WE and several others. I produced two number one shows including Who Want's To Marry My Dad, and Temptation Island. We were also nominated for an Emmy for America's Deadliest Season, the highest rated documentary for Discovery Channel.

I have also done voice work for the past 10 years while producing/directing television shows as well. I have done voice over work for three of the major television networks. My voice over work has been featured throughout several television series which include TEMPTATION ISLAND 1,2 on FOX, MARRY MY DAD for NBC, and in FIGHT FOR FAME for the E. Entertainment Network.

Impersonations, Personifications and Characters: Mike Tyson, Robin Leach, Alvin from the Chipmunks, Keanu Reeves from Bill and Ted's, Weirdly from the Gruesomes, Puss In Boots, Sloth from the Goonies, George Bush Jr, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, Dr. Phil, Frank Purdue, Adam Sandler, Towlie from South Park, Southern Preacher, Texan, Dumb Guy, Old Yiddish Man, Old Bluesy African American, Homosexual, Hindi, New Yorker(Italian), Mobster, Mexican, and Stoner.


I have done professional voice work for over ten years. I have done voice over work on Temptation Island 1,2, Who Wants To Marry My Dad, Meet My Folks, Fight For Fame. I have done countless voice overs for television projects, internet, documentaries, educational programming along with impersonations/characters.

Integrity is everything to me, and if my voice is going to be on your product, then rest assure your going to have the best quality hands down. Feel confident in the fact that the idea you create will be ready to go with the utmost professionalism.


Voice for the animated series MOTO HEROES
E Entertainment Network
BKE Entertainment
Station voice:
MIX 94.5 FM



Conversational, Guy-Next-Door, English (North American), English (British), English(Irish) English (Australian), Chinese,French, Hindi, Southern US, Surfer,Mexican,Puerto Rican, Brooklyn, Italian American, Homosexual,African American, Old man,