Aine Smith

Miembro desde 8 años •
"A versatile, warm and friendly voice ready to sell your product!"

My voice has been used to sell a wide range of things, from a mental health charity support service, where the voice required was soothing, warm and sympathetic to a car service in which I played a posh car whose pipes needed servicing. My range is quite wide and I enjoy everything from narration to character voices, fun and silly to serious. Outside of my acting work I have often worked temporary jobs in the service industry and working on receptions for various different kinds of companies, looking to appeal to all sorts of areas of society has given me invaluable skills in learning how to approach different audiences.
I have a naturally friendly voice but can just as easily switch to a more commanding voice where required. But don't take my word for it, have a listen to my voice reel.


I trained as an Actor at the Ecole Internationale de Theatre de Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Here we focused heavily on physical theatre and devising work but also on developing our voice to embody characters often much larger than life. The Jacques Lecoq school is a World renowned Theatre school attracting students from all around the World, where I was lucky enough to pick up accents of the various nationalities around me, including American, Australian and Russian. The theatre training is about using the entire body to tell a story, from the voice to the finger tip and beyond. Actors such as Geoffrey Rush, Isla Fisher and Simon McBurney also trained here, so it is noted for producing character actors with a diverse range of vocal skills.
And yes, I was taught in French and can speak French, although reading French will take me a little while.


I have worked as a voice over artist for Premier Christian Radio where I fronted a campaign for their mental health service as well as appeared live on air during a live phone in. Recent work includes an advert through the agency New Noise Audio selling a local car service company in the Bedford area and the narration of a training video for the London fire brigade.
I have featured as a background voice in the feature movie Boogie Woogie.
I have recently been picked up as a talent by London Voiceovers.


I can sing and I am currently in the process of producing a singing reel.
I am able to self record.