Adrienne Walker

Adrienne Walker

Miembro desde 7 años •
"A warm voice to enhance your project"

I tailor my voice to each project with the intention of drawing the listener in, but not distracting from the message. From warm mom, to authoritative and informative narrator, to energetic promo announcer, I'm a seasoned pro with many varied projects in my resume. I am fun and easy to work with, readily available for retakes and am committed to working with the client to create the end result they envision. Let's work together!


I have done numerous voice-over and acting workshops including; Joe Cipriano's Promo Master Class, VO Atlanta, The International Radio Creative & Voiceover Summit with Dick Orkin and Dan O'Day, Harvey Kalmenson Method, The Voicecasters Working Professionals VO Workshop with Kat Lehman, improv, acting and AFTRA workshops.


NBC, ABC, Sprouts, Buick and numerous corporate elearning and regional clients have all trusted me with their scripts.


I have a full studio, editing with Adobe Audition and using Source Connect, ipDTL and Skype to connect with clients. With client-provided music beds, I will produce a completed spot.