Adriaan Hellenberg

Adriaan Hellenberg

Miembro desde 4 años •
"Audio Producer/Voice Artist - Neutral English or American accent"

I am a voice artist, sound designer & final mix engineer. I can do anything when it comes to audio - just ask ;-)

I have been working in tv, film and music for about 16 years now and been part of teams to win SA Tv & Film Awards as well as an International Promax Award.

I was audio producer for Emmy nominated TV Show Puppet Nation for a short while.

I have a rich history in audio final mix, but now work mostly on voice over projects.

Various English VO Demos here:

Audio Books:

Neutral Voice Over Accent:

USA Accent


15 Years experience working in TV and film industry as an audio producer.


I have worked for Adobe as a VO artist - doing an American accent.

I have also done work for the South African government as well as other big US NGO projects which are confidential - NDA.

As an audio producer I've worked on Emmy nominated and Award winning TV shows and productions in South Africa and abroad.


I am an audio producer and am able to produce songs, sfx, sound design, voice overs in various languages (with my colleagues) and final mix.